Things To Consider After Your First Workout

personal trainersMost people are constantly badgered with contradicting pieces of information, news and advice about exercise. It’s very important to shift through all the junk that is propagated by the media and get access to some real meaningful information. A Bondi fitness expert is the best choice when it comes to health and fitness so you should really listen to what they have to say about what exercise does to your body.

Relationship between the body and exercise

The body is a complicated piece of machinery. You might think that exercising will immediately make you feel great there are times when you will feel the exact reverse. If you have basically led a sedentary life for many years then don’t expect your body to automatically fall in rhythm with your workout routine.

The first effect of exercise when you start doing it regularly is feeling out of breath. This might seem a little upsetting but this Bondi personal trainer says that this is a normal reaction. An elevated heart beat and a raised pulse rate is also normal. It’s just your body’s way of adapting to the increased physical demands made on it.

What happens when you begin exercising regularly?

The first few weeks of working out with personal trainers in Bondi will be tough on your system. You will constantly feel worked up, muscle soreness and exhausted. This is the adjustment period as your body struggles to shed off the effects of years of inertia.

After the first few weeks you will gradually see your body firming up though your weight remains relatively stable. This is because lean muscle is substituting fatty deposits in your body. Lean muscle development is important because the muscle cells burn fat to exist. Gradually your weight will drop and you will notice your energy levels increasing.

Most Bondi personal trainers say that it’s important to understand how muscle fibers are responsible for transmitting oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is breathed into the lungs and then the heart pumps oxygen into all the different muscle fibers of the body. As your physical activity levels rise the capacity of the muscle of transmitting oxygen also rises. Read more about the effects that boot camp exercise training has on the body.

So when you start exercising with a Bondi personal trainer you can expect to feel out of breath and lousy. But when you keep doing it regularly you will see a gradual normalcy in your heart beat and breathing rate. The reason is that your muscle has become fitter and its transporting oxygen in a better way.

Slow twitch and fast twitch muscles

Personal trainers in Bondi say that every human being has two kinds of muscle fibres in the body. The first type of muscle is slow twitch and these fibres are best suited for endurance exercises. Fast twitch muscles are suitable for cardio workouts. If you are a weight lifter you will have a lot of slow twitch muscles and if you are a runner you will have more of fast twitch muscles. Bondi personal trainers are the best guides on your quest to fitness – you can find out more about them here

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Bali Yoga Retreats and Classes for all Levels

If you want to practice Yoga in paradise, Bali is the place for you, no matter if you are just learning or you are an advance student, in Bali you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your love and passion for Yoga. In Bali you can find a lot of yogaretreats with the amenities that any 5 stars hotel in the world would offer. Most of these places are dedicated to provide its visitors of a relaxing, friendly and paradisiac environment, and they are dedicated to renewal and healing, a place where you can relax your body and soul at the same time.

You would find Bali Yoga classes and retreats for everyone, if you are a beginner, an intermediate student or an advance yogi, Bali have the perfect class and teacher for you. These places not only have the best Yoga teachers, but also, they’ll provide its visitors of beautiful accommodations, delicious food and morning meditations on the beach or the mountain.

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Discover the ancient ayurvedic herbs that increase strength and longevity

The ayurvedic herbs are all very helpful and they come from the ancient Indian medicine known as Ayurveda. There are many kinds of herbs that derive from it, but some of them are targeted specifically for increasing your strength and longevity. In this article we are going to mention some of the best herbs for those particular needs.

The Ashwagandha root is one of the most popular ayurvedic herbs that help with that particular necessity. Shilajit is another herb that really aids in keeping people energetic through the day and able to function with as much energy as they can. There are many variations that can be used for other purposes, but this are two of the best products you can use to boost your strength and longevity. You will feel much better and you will have extra energy all day long.

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Blueberries Nutrition Benefits

blueberriesFor decades scientists and health care professionals failed to award the little blueberries their dues. Blueberries failed to get the honor they deserved because they had remarkably low vitamin C content levels in comparison to similar fruits. Only much later, it was discovered that the berries are actually a nutrition powerhouse. It has been established that the blueberries are Super foods full of nutrients and many other benefits. Blueberries nutrition has high value and is therefore a recommendable diet.

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How To Build Lean And Muscular Legs

muscular legs

Deadlifts will build muscular legs

Getting super muscular and lean legs doesn’t have to be hard. Sure you need to train your ass off in the gym, but in the end of the day it just boils down to consistency and hard work. There really isn’t any need to squat 600 pounds or to be able to pull 500 pounds from the floor. It can certainly help, but if your goal is to simply look good on the beach with having a pair of chicken legs, then you don’t need to do the hardcore bodybuilder exercises.

Instead, you can incorporate a variety of high intensity cardio techniques along with high rep leg exercises to really get that lean and defined look.

I would only recommend the direct super heavy exercises like squats and deadlifts if you plan on competing in some sort of powerlifting competition. But both approaches work, I simply must warn you that the former approach can lead to some bulky looking legs.

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Signs it’s Time to Hire a Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructor

Many fitness enthusiasts shy away from hiring a personal fitness trainer because of the cost involved. But when your weight loss efforts or fitness endeavours are yielding a turkey or you require a customised and individualised work out program, you have no option but to take the help some certified and experienced Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructors.

Following are some signs that it is time for you to hire a Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructor.

Lack of Results

When you first start working out in the gym with glossy fitness magazines and the internet as your guide, you see rapid results such as fast weight loss, quick muscle building and toning benefits. However, the results become stagnant after a few weeks and that is when you stop seeing results and quit due to frustration.

It is very easy to get stuck in a weight loss or fitness plateau when you are working out on your own as your body becomes accustomed to the routine you are subjecting yourself to.

Hiring a Fitness Instructor from Dangerously Fit will be beneficial in this case as your trainer can create a challenging workout program for you along with a diet plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.

Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructors

Our Bondi crew of Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructors

Training for Events and Sports

Those who are training for competitive sports events such as marathons, cycling competitions, tennis tournaments or soccer matches, often take the help of a Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructor to build up strength, stamina, endurance and to condition their entire body.

However, in this case, you need to select a personal fitness trainer who offers a sport specific training and is experienced with the how’s and why’s of your chosen sport. Otherwise he or she will not be able to create a tailor made fitness plan for your upcoming sporting event.

Specific Injury, Illness or a Medical Condition

When you suffer from certain medical conditions, injuries or some kind of illness such as cardiovascular problems, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, pregnancy or if you are trying to regain your fitness after a surgery or child birth, you need the help of knowledgeable and experienced fitness trainers who can devise a tailor made program for you, keeping your needs, physical limitations and fitness levels in mind.

At Dangerously Fit your Fitness Instructor needs to work in tandem with your physical therapist and doctor. This will ensure an effective and safe workout environment and help heal injuries/problems faster.

Motivation and Accountability

Too often fitness enthusiasts quit exercising due to a lack of motivation and accountability. A Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructor will encourage, help and guide you and keep you motivated when you are ready to give up. He will also push you to work harder and give your best and cut out boredom and monotony from your exercise routine.

If you are a slacker who often skips exercising for no reason at all, hiring a Dangerously Fit Fitness Instructor will bring about the accountability factor. When you have a personal fitness trainer maintaining a hawk eye on you, you find it difficult to slack off and cheat yourself.

Summer is around the corner! To hire one of our Dangerously Fit Fitness Trainers visit :


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Group Fitness Trainer Shares Tips for Toning Your Thighs

It’s time to tone your thigh muscles if you want to actively participate in sports or any other event where you have to move around a lot. For many women, thighs are the normal trouble spots that seem to mar all their efforts of gaining a sexy well-toned body. Efforts to tone the thighs and slim them seems futile since thighs are the naturally fleshy parts of your body. However, you can certainly combat the deposition of ungainly fat (cellulite) in your thighs through proper diet, regular maintenance and a comprehensive workout plan at a group fitness Bondi program.

Regular Workouts
Regular exercises at Group Fitness can definitely help you to tackle the excess deposition of fat in your thigh areas. Too much of fat makes you slow, flabby and unfit thereby compromising the strength of your legs. If you want strong, healthy and shapely thighs, try out some simple workouts like brisk walking, running or light jogging.

Of these, walking is considered highly effective for toning your entire leg and strengthening all the muscles. In any case, running or jogging will be an integral part of the daily workout once you join a Personal Training. In case you cannot run outdoors, try the stationery bike at home. Try to run, jog or walk for at least thirty to forty five minutes every day.

Practise exercising your legs even when you are not at the Group Fitness class. Try climbing stairs as much as you can and walk to nearby areas instead of using the car. Use the cycle as cycling is also considered a good activity for toning your thighs and leg.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness In Bondi is a fantastic way to start the day!

You must also perform strength training which aids in muscle development. Strength training not only burns calories, it also helps in the growth of healthy lean muscles that discourage fat deposition. Strength training can be practised both with and without equipments depending on your convenience and preference.

Simple Tips to Maintain Well-toned Thighs
It is not enough to work out at Group Fitness for a few days in a week and relax rest of the time. If you want to achieve well-toned thighs within a deadline and maintain it too, you must continue with some sort of light exercises at home.
Stretch your inner thighs by sitting on the floor. Stretch both legs in front and put the bottoms of your feet together. Hold on to the toes and try to bring your feet as close to your body as you can. Hold for a few seconds and repeat according to your comfort level. You will definitely feel a healthy stretch in your inner thighs. You can get more stretching ideas at

You can also practice the foot sweep for toning your thigh muscles. To do this, stand erect or take the support of a wall for better balance. Lift one leg off the floor and with your toes draw an imaginary circle all around your body. Lower and repeat at least eight to ten times with one leg and then change legs and repeat. This is one set. Gradually aim to complete at least three such sets for effective toning of thigh.

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Benefits of Gold Coast Fitness

Many people are cowed about doing their exercise routine during winter time, however as the weather starts to improve, the prospect of starting your exercise regime seems plausible thanks to the nicer weather which makes it a possibility to carry out your Gold Coast fitness program outside.

Thanks to a number of studies done on Gold Coast outdoor exercise routines, have proven that there are a number of benefits which cannot be felt when one is rowing a machine or treadmill. Exercising outdoors is not only a pleasurable affair but a better way for you to increase the positive effects felt from the training session.

Below are some of the benefits associated with outdoor training on Queenslands Gold Coast.

Get your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most crucial vitamins that work wonders in the overall health. It is advisable to get vitamin D from the sun as you let it shine on your skin. Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin which helps in the regulation of the immune system and the neuromuscular system.

Vitamin D plays a huge role in the life cycle of human cells.

Gold Coast Fitness

Our group running on a Gold Coast Beach

Breathing in the fresh air

Fitness routines performed on The Gold Coast in the outdoors and in fresh air are beneficial for aerobic routines. Exercise routines lead to the increment of oxygen in the body which is a great factor especially when it comes to improving breathing techniques that will deliver oxygen to the necessary parts of the body.

Better breathing techniques go hand in hand with better exercise techniques which lead to increased stamina. More oxygen in the muscles reduces the lactic acid build-up in muscles which leads to cramping.

Boost your serotonin

Studies have also proven that Gold Coast fitness programs help in increasing serotonin production and its release. Serotonin plays an important role in the regulation of learning, moods as well as sleep. A serotonin boost helps keep you calm, alert and capable.

Variety burns more calories

Routine especially one that is common with exercising indoors, can lead one to get stuck in a rut especially when one knows what to expect from the treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical. Exercising outdoors exposes one to a varied terrain that encourages your body to challenge itself to more in a much more intricate but unexpected way.

Moreover, the different weather patterns and different temperatures help by challenging the body as well.

Keep up your motivation

Outdoor fitness exposes you to a variety of physical exertion levels which help in the increment of motivation levels. Outdoor exercising makes it a possibility for you to run along different tracks and you can do other exercise routines such as squats, sit ups in different spots and get to meet new faces as you continue with your workout routine.

However many such aspects may seem small, however Gold Coast fitness will help improve your regime and you will no longer feel that you are stuck in a rut.

You’ll be a happier person

Breathing fresh air is better than breathing in recycled air that is in the gym. Exercising outdoors creates a feeling of rejuvenation; positive thinking and you will become energized.

Join today the Gold Coast Fitness training Team and get a free 2 week trial!


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Outdoor Fitness or The Gym – What’s the Best Option?

In the world we are living in, more and more people now understand that the heart-healthy benefits and emotional well-being of any individual can be derived from exercising. Outdoor Fitness not only makes the person have a great body and shape while feeling good especially after having combined a proper nutritional program, exercising helps in relieving stress and makes the person doing the workout routine attain a conditioned cardiovascular system and in overall, will have less diseases or complications throughout their life.

When it is summer, it is easy to embrace outdoor exercises and fun fitness routines that you can engage in as the warm weather offers individuals with several options to choose from. It is common to see people flocking parks, beaches and bike paths where they ride their bikes, skate and rollerblading.

Summer time makes it possible to plan outdoor activities as everyone is eager to get rid of the winter blues and soak in some sun!

Summer time brings a bevy of outdoor activities to choose from for the purposes of having fun and benefit from exercising and getting an ideal body shape.

If you want to attain general fitness and cardiovascular endurance, jogging and running routines outdoors is a fun way to wake up in the morning and be able to exercise before then sun rises.

Outdoor Fitness

Aisha training outdoor at Centennial Park

When you are free, you can take the children to the park or go with friends and play Frisbee, baseball, soccer or football, this will not only keep you thoroughly entertained it will get you moving and the more you do it, the more you will have exercised properly.

Any form of exercising outdoors especially during summer month’s amounts to loads of fun and a majority of people will not realize that fun activities help in the improvement of their fitness levels. Moreover, there are a number of outdoor sports teams formed for fun such as a bar league and other competitive sports where winners will win prizes and money at the end.

Some of the sporting activities that will help you lose weight include: volleyball, basketball and company softball games which are popular and wonderful outdoor exercise activities during the warm season.


An Outdoor Fitness Regimen De-Stresses Your Mind

Outdoor exercises are perfect for your mental health and emotional health and also the physical health. As you exercise in the outdoors, your body release stress hormones and help your mind become clear. Your emotions become enlightened by serene surroundings around you.


Simple Outdoor Fitness Tips

Walking: when you get out and go for a walk, you will be boosting your stamina. Regular walking can cure a host of ailments and walking is known to help burn calories, better than weight loss pills.

Biking: this is a great outdoor activity which helps keep your legs in shape, it increases blood circulation and biking makes the biker drink lots of water which is great for flushing out toxins from the body and one’s health is increased.

Yoga: this is also a perfect way which you can result to reconnect with your soul; yoga also helps you maintain physical fitness. Yoga done in the natural surroundings is perfect as you get to inhale huge amounts of oxygen. Yoga is a great way of losing weight and you shall maintain a great shape and helps the body and mind to recover from a trauma swiftly.

Sport: this is a perfect for recreation and exercising each and every part of your body. A majority of sports will help you lose weight and get into shape and have the right mindset whenever you are on or of the pitch.

To find out more informations about outdoor fitness, visit :



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